Pathology Fit For Purpose

Project development is one of the most important steps in the innovation process. Good project development ensures a good idea achieves impact by transforming it into a project. With this service, we ensure your idea develops into a process, product or service with additional value.

Clinical Chemistry

Offering a structured approach to develop ideas into innovative project concepts. If wanted, these concepts can be offered to subsidy providers/financers to be reviewed


Improving the quality of innovative projects through creative co-development

Project Concept

Offering support in attracting new collaboration partners, improving the innovative development process and diminishing potential risks

Research &

Improving the chance of success of an innovative project

Laboratory Testing Benifits

This means project development entails support in the process, not the deliverance of a physical product. It is possible to complement this service if needed with other services that do offer a physical product, such as technology intelligence, market and stakeholder analyses, cost-benefit analyses and business planning.

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