Personal Information

Mohammad Al-Saidi

Research Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Social Sustainability Programme

Education & Training

  • Education: :
    Cologne University of Applied Sciences in Germany
  • Experience :
    5+ years
  • Residency: :
  • Practice Areas: :
    Water governance, Water-energy-food nexus, environmental policy, GCC, MENA Region


Dr. Al-Saidi is a research assistant professor and coordinator of the social sustainability programme of the Center of Sustainable development at Qatar University. He has a valuable interdisciplinary network at QU and important administrative resources through his center, which is implementing several NPRP projects and other externally funded large-scale research projects. Further, he has a strong expertise on water and energy related research and projects linking research with higher education reforms. Dr. Al-Saidi implemented and initiated large-scale higher education and research projects in his five years work as the coordinator of the water-energy-food nexus research focus of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences in Germany. These projects include international projects financed by the German Exchange Service (DAAD) on land and water management in Jordan, Ethiopia and Sudan; a water-energy higher education partnership with the Pan African University in Tlemcen, Algeria, and the initiation of research project with Nigeria on resilience of water and food supply systems. The project with Jordan, Ethiopia and Sudan focused on developing curricula based on the concept of enquiry based learning for master-level programmes on water and land issues. Dr. Al-Saidi has also led efforts to develop learning materials and graduate programs on the EWF nexus including infographics, several educational movies and a master-level water-energy-food nexus course. Dr. Al-Saidi has published on understanding the water-energy-food nexus using and also on water and energy securities in the MENA region. He has several publications on natural resources management and other selected issues of sustainable development, thus well-prepared to develop research on the broad issues of sustainability transition in Qatar.